Here is a list of known questions people have for Respect Sports

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Where do you play?

Aqualink Box Hill

When do you play?

Monday nights from 7pm

2 Seasons – Autumn/Spring

Each Season has 3 Grading Games, 12 Regular Season plus finals

What does it costs?

Team Registration = $5

Player Registration = $5

(Team and Player Registrations are non-refundable)

Basketball Victoria License = $39 (covers 365 days and any BV competition, so free if you already have a license from previous season/comp)

Fill in Licenses are available up to 2 games.

Weekly Team Game Fee = $80

How do you register?

Registration is done through PlayHQ (Basketball Victoria’s site) – our link is found HERE

How long are the games?

Each game is 40 minutes long which contains 2 18 minute halves.

When do registrations close?

We allow late team entry up to 75% of the season completed. We have a policy that every team plays finals which allows us to have later team entries.

How many games do you need to play to qualify for finals?

Atleast 1/3 of games your team is played to play qualify. Exemptions can be made.

How do forfeits work?

If a team needs to forfeit, they need to get in touch with us via email or phone and notify us.

If forfeit happens more than 24 hours before the game, referees can be rescheduled and only a game fee will be charged ($70)

If forfeit happens less than 24 hours, the forfeitting team needs to cover the cost for both teams game fees ($140)

What about?

any other questions please get in touch via email or contact on 0439313321