Welcome to RESPECT SPORTS – Playing to Share.
We are one of the first Basketball Competitions in Australia to share profits with specific charities each season.

RESPECT SPORTS currently run MENS and WOMENS Social Basketball Competitions out of Aqualink Box Hill, Canterbury Road on Monday nights from 7Pm

Graduating from the care and legal management of The Salvation Army, RESPECT SPORT is a team of self employed community focused group who have grown up in the original Basketball competition started back in 1970.

We have a three year plan to inspire all sporting competitions across Australia to follow our example and move their profits into charities and microfinance loans to encourage more ‘ethical family businesses’ around the world.

We invite all families, religions and community groups to join our RESPECT SPORT basketball competition at Aqualink Box Hill, Canterbury Road on Monday nights at 7pm during school terms.

We encourage teenagers who need a break from study and want to build future work connections to join our respectful competition so they can play with and against older Uncles and Aunties who they can observe, learn and listen to. Respect is how we live. How we play. Who we are.

We play to share respect both on and off the court.

May you join our RESPECT SPORTS basketball community to share respect with the world we live in.